Date & Almond Protein Balls

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

Dates are an all time favourite of mine (alongside peanut butter!) So I wanted to come up with a recipe for snacks where I incorporated dates, but the carbohydrates and sugars weren't as high as when I eat dates by the packet!

After trial and error, I came up with these delicious protein balls. They are perfect for a morning snack, an afternoon pick-me-up or a sweet after dinner treat! Typically 2-3 balls will do the trick, but its hard to stop there...

I have included the nutritional breakdown of these protein balls below. Let me know what you think :)

Date & Almond Protein Balls Recipe

Servings: 30 Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Ingredients: - 2 cups (300g) almonds - ½ tsp ground cinnamon - 50g (1/2 cup) low-carb vanilla protein powder - 2 tbsp (20g) cocoa powder - 15 fresh dates, pitted - 1 tbsp (20ml) vanilla extract - ¼ cup water -20g desiccated coconut (for rolling)


1. Place almonds, cinnamon, protein powder and cocoa powder into a large food processor and process until mixture looks crumbly. Add dates and vanilla extract and process again until the mixture starts to come together. Add water a little at a time, if needed to help bring mixture together.

2. Roll tsp-sized chunks into balls and roll through coconut. Store in airtight container for up to 1 week in fridge or 2 months in freezer.

Nutritional information per serving (1 ball):
Calories: 96.5 / Carbohydrates: 6.6g
Protein: 3.8g / Fat: 6.1g
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